Short introduction

Who or what ist Richard Banks?

Richard Banks is the “human tool” of my consciousness for interacting with other people.

We use speech, signs, movements and more to communicate on earth. To use these means, a body is needed. The body is given a name, usually by one’s parents, consisting of the family name and one or more freely chosen forenames.

Some people change their name (e.g. through adoption or marriage), add a nickname or – more professionally and legally defined – choose a stage or pen name. That is what I did.

This means: Whoever contacts me communicates with Richard Banks.

Richard Banks in Cape Coral

Shortly before a meeting in Cape Coral, Florida.

This description could seem unusual to some – for others it is very clear and self-evident.

Illusion, matrix, playground?

The fiction of a name or body is a common phenomenon on in our earthly world and has found its way into law in many spots. It is for example normal to register a bank account in your name – or in the name of a legal body such as a company that you created on your own or with my help, if you are inclined to look at a little more complex example.

More than 50 million page views and more than 5 million video views

Richard Banks teaching in a seminar

Sharing information and inspiration via articles, videos, webinars and seminars at home and abroad.

Based on the work I did, a projected number of more than 300,000 people have opened a new bank account. Some of them did so in the name of a legal body especially created in order to make a real estate deal as the next step.

My name has reached some publicity on this field and I have acquired pleasant prosperity as a reward. Some enjoy what they have reached in silence. Others feel the desire to share their recipes for success, and so the Aufsteiger-Training was born. Its concept is to lead people within just seven years to their personal financial freedom.

RB Fmly

Despite a bunch of public commitments I am also a family person who cherishes the intimacy of our societies’ small entities.

Freedom and research

If you enjoy work, but are not forced to for financial reasons, opportunities arise for discoveries and commitments on other fields. I am happy to have assisted in re-hexagonalizing the whole Danube area in Bavaria for example. I also contributed to prevent property fraud in Florida and helped German clients to regain their land after a fraud had occurred.

Richard Banks in a river

The body posture shows that the effort has been done here. It’s still to come in other regions.

However weird and far away it may seem, however hard it is to imagine for someone new: everything makes sense, if one connects all the dots in hindsight. Everything builds on what came before, it is a chain of cause and effect. And my story is much longer and detailed than I can and want to showcase on this page.

You can learn more, if you collaborate with me directly or join one of the available programs with its protected community.

connect the dots in hindsight

Have you ever connected the dots when looking back on your life?

Look ahead

I look forward to connecting with people – especially concerning Florida and Texas and of course on German ground. Our mission in life, our journey of discovery is not yet complete – or else we would not be here anymore. We can help each other with fulfilling our purpose.

You will get a response within 72 hours. If you don’t get a reply, we didn’t match. Your data has been deleted in the process.

Richard Banks with RAM

Do you want to contact me?

Did you know that …?

According to Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (2020) there are 149 million square kilometers (km²) of land. 361 million km² on earth are covered by water.

A global population of 7.89 billion (2021) implies then that 53 persons share one square kilometer on average. The highest population density can be found in Macau at 19,737 inhabitants per square kilometer (2020). For comparison, every Greenlander has 7 km² for himself, since the population density is 0.14 inhabitants per km².

Germany has an average of 232 inhabitants per km² (4,108 in the town of Berlin – 36 per km² in the district of Prignitz). Florida is inhabited by a mean 126 per km² (4.785 in the city of Miami – 3.8 per km² in Liberty County). There are 41 Texas on each square kilometer of the Lone Star State on average (1,477 in the capital city of Austin – just 0,04 pro km² in Loving County).

Richard Banks with drone in Cape Coral

This part of the world is inhabited by 660 persons per square kilometer.

I have listed these differences deliberately on the homepage to point something out: some things outside the mindset that we have in our daily routine are worth a closer look. Maybe there are different things that could be of interest to you, if you opt out of the usual media exposure for some time.

For me it is love for land and water as well as the light that shines upon it. It reminds me of sensible and responsible use of land and water. It’s a responsibility that I assume gladly as investor, author and networker.

Light ⬡ Land ⬡ Love

A few small current public glimpses into my commitments (most of it is restricted to the internal group):

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Game of life in Florida
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